In Defense of Small Dreams


Inspiring images abound on Facebook.  Today I saw this one:

Now I think this is a great encouragement to folks to dream really big, to be courageous and not let anything get in the way of their dreams.  But lots of folks have small dreams.  And that’s okay.

Dreams come in all sizes.  Some dream of changing the world.  Some just try to make a difference in their own small world.  Some dream of touching hundreds or maybe thousands of people.  Others focus on touching the people around them. 

Dreams are infectious.  When someone is focused and passionate about their dream, others will take notice.  Some will resonate with that dream and climb on board to help, making the dream their own.  Others will contribute on a smaller scale, because they believe in the dream.  Dreams have  way of taking folks on a journey with many levels of contribution and passion.  And that’s okay.

Those who dream really big dreams are not necessarily more courageous than all the rest.  Certainly they are more courageous than some, but it takes courage to live your dream no matter how big or small it is.  It takes courage to love and protect the people in your circle, day in and day out, when it’s easy and when it’s hard.  It takes ingenuity and imagination to overcome hardship, figure out a better way, do things differently.

Courage for some is simply getting out of bed in the morning.  A big dream could be as simple as being able to give more of your income to causes you believe in or as complex as helping to revitalize an entire village.

Don’t worry about the size of your dream.  Your work is to discover all the wonderful, hidden gifts God has put within you, then to look around and see where they can best be utilized.  You were made to live God’s dream for you . . . and no matter the size, that’s BIG.



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  1. Love it! Well said, Christine! Leaving it simply at "Dare to dream," is perfect. For some, just hoping at all or dreaming at all is a challenge. Moving forward into happiness and fulfillment and doing ANYTHING at all to make your own life or the lives of others better is positive and makes our world better!

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