The Clothes Off Your Back


                                    Photo by Christine Giles

Do you ever wonder where the clothes in your closet come from?  Oh, I know they came from Wal-Mart or Target or some other store.  But how did they get there?  Don’t those tags say things like “Made in China” (or Bangladesh or Pakistan or Some-Other-Exotic-Sounding-Place-Far-Away)?  I found a blogger who actually visited some of the places where his clothes came from around the world.  Check out this site, and you’ll learn a little about the people who made your favorite t-shirt or that well-worn pair of jeans . . . meet Kelsey Timmerman.

What you’ll find is that your clothes make a fascinating journey before they are safely tucked away in your closet.  They are touched by many hands, most of them then hands of young women, some of children.  They work long hours for a pittance, often in unsafe conditions . . . sometimes under armed guard.  Many Western corporations have moved their manufacturing operations to countries in the “third-world” . . . places where safety and environmental regulations are lax, and desperate workers are willing to work under such conditions for very little pay.
Here are a few more links on the fascinating subject of clothing manufacture:


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